About company | About company – Santino

We are an innovative company

We strive to be the most creative in design, forms and material

  • Years
  • Over 40 inventions
  • 11 patents
  • Employees

New technology is our priority

We use the newest machines and materials

  • 10 million pots per year
  • 16 production machines

Ideas become reality in a short time

We have an excellent team and use the newest equipment in production for the mold injections

  • 10 CNC machines
  • Over 25 new products per year

Special offer for vendors

More attention to logistics, packaging and marketing

  • 10,000 pallets per year
  • 310 fully loaded trucks per year

Reliability, discipline and guaranteed delivery

We have experience in long-term supply of products to large retail stores and wholesale buyers

  • 50+ Retail chains
  • 2000+ customers

We care for the planet

We introduced the European energy saving program Santino Group owns a production plant for recycling used plastic.

  • 500 Tons per year